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Slinger Straps HARNESS STRAP Guitar Strap

Slinger Straps HARNESS STRAP Guitar Strap

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"Harness Strap" guitar straps let you balance and lighten the weight of your instrument!

Slinger's "Harness Strap" guitar straps are the ultimate double shoulder, waist belt guitar strap design. This unique strap allows you to balance the weight of your instrument between both shoulders or adjust more of the weight to one shoulder to help calm the shoulder pain from playing a heavy guitar or bass. The waist belt / heel strap design also helps distribute a portion of your instrument's weight to your waist or hips to help lighten the load on your shoulder. For bass players, the heel strap will absorb the weight of your arm resting on the body of the guitar. The Slinger Straps Harness Strap works great as a bass guitar strap, an acoustic guitar or bass strap, or an electric guitar strap. No other guitar straps or bass straps offer this many weight distribution combinations!

The Slinger Harness Strap guitar strap:

  • No modification required
  • Fits up to a 44" waist (actual vs. pants size)
  • Reduces guitar's weight on shoulder
  • Reduces or eliminates guitar neck dive
  • Double shoulder guitar strap balances weight between shoulders
  • A must for heavy guitar & bass players
  • Works great as an electric guitar strap, a bass guitar strap or an acoustic guitar or bass strap
PolyPro webbing is soft, moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. Thick leather strap ends stitched securely with nylon upholstery thread. Strong 2" plastic side release buckle for easy grip and release placed strategically to the side so as not to worm the back of the guitar. These are not cheap guitar strap imports!
5 Stars
First Class Product!
First, I want to apologize for waiting so long to say THANK YOU for a first-class product. The HARNESS strap DOES require a little time to tinker with and get perfectly on an individual's players body -- be ready to spend a chunk of time adjusting it once received . This depends on what a player needs in terms of comfort, of course. That said, I spent a total of oh......30 minutes getting it just right for my Squire Dimension V, which, while not a particularly heavy bass as say, an XR Spector Legend (or most any zebrawood XR bass), has enough to bulk that when everything was just right with my HARNESS STRAP from Slinger, the relief my left shoulder felt was instantaneous and addictive! I did purchase the SLING strap, but haven't needed it, I'm so in love with this HARNESS strap. Owning the SLING does give me the urge to get another bass -- I'm actually trading in the Dimension V because Squier is discontinuing them, and so, I stocked it away to trade on something (not sure what that new bass will be yet.....the Squier Active Jazz V is notoriously heavy, but awesome). Whatever that new bass will be (to accompany an SOLID Squier Classic Vibe 50's 4-string) I know I will not be too concerned with weight because I not only own the HARNESS, but the (still unopened!) SLING. BOTH are sturdy enough to provide years of playing comfort for nearly every player that purchases one. I MAY buy another, so I have ANOTHER new strap to buy TWO new (or used!) basses.......see the reasoning there?! :) Thanks, Slinger - for great straps and your patience in awaiting this review!
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City, MO. on 5/3/2017
5 Stars
Electronics tech/musician
I love this thing. Got the double strap model, over the shoulders, and played for two hours straight that afternoon and did it again later that night. I've not been able to do that in a long time. Great product and am so thankful I found it and purchased it. Have C6-C7 issues and this quieted them down and made all the difference in the world. Fusion of L4-L5 just this Jan.2017 and an alternative was definitely needed. After speaking with the gentleman, I ordered it on the spot. Thank you so much. You've allowed me to keep doing what I love to do and have most of my life. Last thing I ever wanted was to not be able to play music. This has allowed that to continue. Many thanks, and it takes a little getting used to as it spreads out the weight distribution, and your back and neck will notice right away. Even switching guitars during a set; I've got it down to a few quick moves and I'm back at it for the next song, with a different guitar. A wonderful device. Thank you so much, for the great customer service and the invention. It goes with me every time the guitars leave the house. And my back and neck thanks you too. It's so much appreciated.
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City, MO. on 3/30/2017
5 Stars
Highly Recommended!
Received strap in less than a week. Not bad at all. Ordered the strap due to arthritis in my neck and the need to take part of the weight off my neck. I play a 1979 Guild Bluebird, not as heavy as some guitars but when you have arthritis, you feel any extra weight on your neck. The Strap takes the weight off my neck and puts it on my shoulders. I would recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 3/13/2017
5 Stars
riff'n razones guitarist
Just got this strap. Have a bad shoulder so a regular strap is painful for long jams. I played for two hours today and fiddled with adjusting it just right. Big difference! The weight of the guitar is now distributed over three areas and not just on the left shoulder. You don't even notice the waist strap taking a lot of the weight. Got the 3 inch straps to even things out even more. This is a great strap! Sitting down is not an option in a Ramones tribute band! Comes with really good instructions too. This company is friendly with a sense of humor. Shipping was same day and it arrived fast. Thanks sooooo much and rock on!
Reviewed by:  from prince george BC. on 3/8/2017

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