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Slinger Straps ACOUSTIC HIP STRAP Guitar Strap (Black)

Slinger Straps ACOUSTIC HIP STRAP Guitar Strap (Black)

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Waist Guitar Straps for Acoustic or Hollow Body Guitars!

"Acoustic Hip Strap" guitar straps from Slinger Straps totally eliminate the need for a guitar shoulder strap (without requiring the installation of an additional strap button*). By attaching the provided piece of adhesive hook & loop (Velcro) to the bottom of your acoustic or hollow body electric guitar, you'll support the entire weight of your instrument on your waist and relieve the weight traditional guitar straps place on your shoulder. Stop suffering from shoulder and back pain while playing your guitar and start enjoying playing again with this totally new ergonomic guitar strap. The Slinger Straps acoustic guitar strap also keeps your acoustic, semi-hollow or hollow body in a stable and balanced position while standing or playing your guitar seated.

The Slinger Straps Acoustic Hip Strap guitar strap:

  • Eliminates shoulder strap for acoustics, semi-hollow & hollow body guitars
  • Adjusts up to a 42" waist (actual vs. pants size)
  • Adjustable playing angle
  • Hook & loop with adhesive back included
  • Holds guitar securely in la while seated
*Slingers Acoustic Hip Strap guitar straps require adding a provided piece of self adhesive hook & loop (Velcro) to the bottom side or back of the guitar to allow the proper playing angle and positioning of your instrument (as shown in photos).

Use this product at your own risk. Slinger Straps is not liable for the installation or damage the adhesive materials may cause to your instruments finish or the damages to your instrument should the hook and loop connection fail. Proper consideration and care should always be considered when playing an instrument that is attached to a strap in a hook & loop fashion as variable pressures could cause the hook and loop to release. Inspect and clean the hook & loop regularly to ensure the best connection.

PolyPro webbing is soft, moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. The thick leather strap end is stitched securely with nylon upholstery thread. Strong 2" plastic side release buckle for easy grip and release placed strategically to the side so as not to worm the back of the guitar. These are not cheap guitar strap imports!
4 Stars
Guitar player extraordinaire.
I developed arthritis in my neck and shoulder after years of landscape work, and I conceived of a leather belt with covered hooks to suspend the guitar from my waist. It worked, but not as well as the Slinger Acoustic Hip Strap. The use of a strap button on one end, velcro on the other, side-snap plastic buckle, and poly webbing throughout made it a lot lighter weight and more adjustable. The fact that the guitar, although supported vertically, tends to fall somewhat forward is not a great problem, given that your shoulder is given a reprieve and your strum/picking arm resting on the bottom bout tends to keep it in place. Takes a bit of getting used to, but all in all a great invention which allows me to continue playing the guitar.
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver Island. on 8/15/2018
4 Stars
excellent product!
Why a four and not 5? Not sure whats going to happen when I take the velcro piece off the guitar. Other than that, excellent as far as comfort and playability. Keeps the weight where I want it, off my shoulders and on my hips . excellent product!
Reviewed by:  from staten Island. on 6/3/2018
5 Stars
Absolutely Brilliant!
I've only had this strap a week and haven't as yet had chance to gig with it, but I've been rehearsing extensively using it and it's absolutely brilliant. I've had to play seated for the last 12 years due to back/shoulder problems (and hated it) but the hip strap has totally liberated my playing. No more shoulder pain and I can move with complete freedom. A genius idea and thoroughly recommended.
Reviewed by:  from UK. on 4/9/2018
5 Stars
Outstanding Product
This product is a true gift to players. If you think you might benefit from using a Slinger strap, do not hesitate. Both the adhesive and the velcro attachment itself are extremely sturdy. Like the other strap I ordered form them, this is high quality material all around. It also allows for numerous possibilities, in terms of how it is worn (how high, what angle, etc.) and one can shift between these possibilities without making significant alterations to the strap length. Of course, you can change the length to suit you, but even within a single setting, it is a very versatile strap. So if you are worried that it will limit your flexibility, rest assured it will only enhance it. Both standing and sitting down, it affords me a new level of freedom from pain and cramping. I own two of these straps and whole-heartedly advocate them.
Reviewed by:  from Bloomington. on 3/30/2018

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