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"The Hip Strap has made a world of difference in my life as a working musician. Since receiving the Hip Strap, I've drastically reduced the amount of strain I put on my back, neck, and shoulders. The Hip Strap provides me with the support that my guitar needs, and also allows me to play night after night without pain."

Marissa Paternoster - Guitar | Vocals, Screaming Females and Noun / New Brunswick, NJ

(SPIN Magazine listed Marissa at #77 on their list of "100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time" in May of 2012. In October 2013, Redbull featured Marissa in the article "Meet the 30 Best Guitarist Under 30".)

"As a professional touring musician, I have been carrying my bass guitar around my neck for most of my life. Consequently, I have suffered pain and occasional numbness due to the compression of discs in my spine, as well a very sore shoulder. In searching for relief, I came across Slinger Straps. By evenly distributing the weight of my guitar between my waist and shoulder, I am now able to play a long set without my usual pain and discomfort. I am certain that there are many musicians out there that will be very happy to discover this great product. Thank you Slinger Straps!"
                                                                                         Brian Stanley/ New York, NY 

(Brian Stanley has recorded and played live with numerous artists including: Bryan Adams, Tommy Shaw (Styx), Chris Stamey, Willie Nile, The Waterboys, Loudon Wainwright III, and Garland Jeffreys. He currently performs with Garland Jeffrey's, as well as his new band, Jon & The Jones.)

"The Slinger Hip Strap is saving my back and neck!   After playing 7 shows a week for nearly 3 years, the difference between the hip strap and a conventional one is night and day. Not to mention almost no one will notice the difference visually. Strap adjustments not only allow waist adjustment, but also the angle of the neck, which is great for neck heavy basses. Thanks Tom for addressing our health and comfort as players!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dan Grennes/ Las Vegas

(Dan is very busy as the bass player for "Rock of Ages Musical" at The Venetian Las Vegas. Dan also fronts his own band "Uncle Pumpkin")

"The Sling Strap has proven to be a comfortable, easy to use strap. It reduces the weight of my Alembic bass so my back no longer aches during long gigs. The waist strap / belt reduces the weight of the instrument on your back and neck, shifting it to your legs as the waist strap/belt on a hiker's backpack does. Great product!"
Rob / Richmond, CA

"I tried out my new hip strap on two shows this last weekend. It felt like my bass was just floating! No shoulder or neck pain, no tingling left hand fingers, no fatigue. It is a Godsend to me... thank you for a wonderful product!" 
"This is my fourth show with the hip strap. Love it!"

David / Walnut Creek, CA

"Got my waist mount hooked up and took it out for a test drive last night. AWESOME! Thank you for a wonderful product! I got years of doing this left in me now! :)"

" back has greatly improved. The (Hip) strap is primarily responsible for that, and also responsible for allowing me to continue working. I genuinely believe that without the Slinger Strap I would have been out of a job. The Slinger Strap will go with me anywhere I go."

Peter / Lancashire, England

(From a Forum) "I've been using the Slinger Strap for some time now through several gigs, and I love it. It did take a little while to get used to it, but it now feels great. My neck and shoulders don't get beat up and horribly sore as they used to. I feel better through the length of a gig, without feeling worn out by the end of the third set. I use flushmount straplocks, and have no intention of selling the basses I have them on. I'm sold. My shoulder gets sore just thinking about my old strap."  
Steve/ Merrill, WI

" I have tried both products. The Hip Strap is fine for my Fender Bass and my Strat. I needed something for my acoustic guitars. I have a couple of nice Gibson acoustics and the sling strap seems to be perfect for these guitars. I really think you are on to something here. It is hard to find a strap that helps with supporting the guitar without putting stress on the neck and shoulders. I have lots of back problems and a pinched nerve in my neck and I really need something to take the weight of the guitar off of my neck. Your products do the trick. Thanks. I will use these products all the time and I am so thankful for them. Thanks again."      
Eileen / Chepachet, RI

"The Slinger Hip Strap gave me back the ability to stand while playing bass. Two years ago, I was in an accident that broke my neck (C3/C4 vertebrae) and damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed from the neck down. I've been fortunate to be able to walk, and play bass again. Unfortunately, my left arm is still weak and it cannot bear the shoulder pressure created by traditional guitar straps, so I've been forced to sit when I play. With the Slinger Hip Strap, that pressure is not a factor so I'm free to stand again. This is a huge benefit, as I recently joined a gigging band, POWERMOUTH. An added benefit of the Hip Strap is that my band wears costumes on stage and the Hip Strap fits neatly under my outfit, making it very easy to put my bass on and take it off when I have my stage gear on. This is a fantastic product. Thanks!" 
Adam / Los Angeles, CA

"So happy with strap. Been using for the past 3 weeks. Just amazing, no neck pain the day after playing gigs and I'm so pleased. Showing friends and they don't know what to think. Still such a new concept. Get your strap advertised on Facebook, Twitter,, musicians will love it. Again thanks heaps."

Gary / New South Wales, Australia