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Ergonomic Guitar Straps that Prevent, Reduce or Remove 

Pain from playing Guitar or Bass

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"Hip Strap" Waist Guitar Strap

The Hip Strap from Slinger Straps completely eliminates the need for a shoulder strap. This ergonomic waist guitar strap removes the pressure that causes shoulder, back, neck and arm pain by moving the entire weight of your guitar or bass to your waist! Enjoy more playing Comfort and Endurance than you ever thought possible with a guitar or bass strap! More Info

Sling Strap

The Sling Strap from Slinger Straps is an ergonomic guitar strap that allows you the flexibility to alternate the shoulder strap to either shoulder while also displacing a portion for your instruments weight to your waist to help reduce the overall weight of your guitar or bass. You no longer have to bear all of the weight on one shoulder! More Info

Harness Strap

The Harness Strap from Slinger Straps allows you the ability to balance the weight of your guitar or bass equally across both shoulders or adjust more of the guitars weight to either side. The ergonomic design of the double shoulder guitar strap combined with the weight bearing waist belt offers you a variety of options to help control pressure points while removing neck dive. More Info

Acoustic Hip Strap

The Acoustic Hip Strap from Slinger Straps completely removes the shoulder strap for Acoustic and Hollow Body guitars! Like the Slinger Hip Strap for solid body guitars, this ergonomic waist guitar strap supports the entire weight of your acoustic, hollow body or acoustic bass on your hips! Remove the pressure on your shoulder and enjoy more comfort than you ever thought possible! More Info

Standard Strap with Neoprene Shoulder Pad

Available in 2 and 3 inch strap widths, Slinger Straps traditional guitar strap comes complete with a thick Neoprene Shoulder Pad for additional comfort and pressure point relief when carrying all of your guitars weight on one shoulder. More Info

Slinger Straps are designed to help players enjoy more overall comfort while playing guitar or bass. Whether you choose the Slinger Hip Strap, Acoustic Hip Strap, Sling Strap, Harness Strap or Slingers newest Neoprene Shoulder Pad Strap, you're choosing the best ergonomic guitar and bass straps to help reduce, remove or cushion the weight of your instrument on your shoulder. 

If you're one of many players suffering from "guitar shoulder" symptoms, rethink ordering yet another leather or custom guitar strap and try one or more of Slinger's ergonomic solutions to help ease your shoulder, neck and back pain. Turn heads with these completely new and cool guitar strap designs while enjoying the health benefits standard straps just can't offer. All of Slingers ergonomic guitar and bass straps can be used on electric guitars, electric bass guitars, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass guitars. Try Slinger Straps and "Take the Pain out of Playing!"